Analysis, navigation, prototyping and usability testing for the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture’s new website

This particular project for the Ministry of Agriculture started in November 2011 and finished at the beginning of February 2012. It was mostly a one-person project with our usability expert Hegle assisting when needed.

The role of Trinidad Consulting was to the create the backbone of the new Ministry of Agriculture`s website and visual design was taken care of by our good partner Velvet Design. Currently the new version is not yet live and you can only browse through the old version, but below you can also find some screenshots of our prototypes and get a general idea of the new site.

Like always, the project started with analysis and moved along with interviews that were conducted with both the officials of the ministry and regular website users. Based on the interviews, we created several personas in order to better illustrate the average user of the website. 

The data was then put into the architecture and, like always, prototypes took the most of our time as each prototype was also tested for usability errors. After everything was finished, we handed the best possible version over to the client. At the moment, the new site is not live, but in the meantime you can take a look at some of our prototypes down below.  

Prototype of the main pagePrototype of the contact data

 Prototype of the sitemap pagePrototype of the council page


  • Our work:
    • Analysis
    • Information architecture
    • Interviews
    • Prototyping
    • Usability testing
  • Hours spent: 430
  • Client: