Analysis, prototyping and design for the International Arvo Pärt Centre

The digital archive of Arvo Pärt is one of the most exciting projects we have ever done. It was a real honor to do a project for an artist of this caliber. For those unfamiliar with Arvo Pärt, he is a composer of international stature and his music is loved and played all over the globe.

The project was initiated by the International Arvo Pärt Centre. The end goal was to have a digital archive that holds all the data related to Mr. Pärt, starting from his music and finishing with his private letters.

The goal was to convert the archive material into a digital form and add references to the physical materials. The finished digital archive will contain Arvo Pärt’s compositions, his music performances, recordings, press coverage, historical facts, commentaries, photos, quotes etc. The archive is updated on a regular basis and many compositions will include written comments by the composer.

The preparations started in early 2012 and the project consisted of the following phases:

  • Analysis – functional requirements, use cases, logical model
  • Prototyping & user testing
  • Visual design
  • Project supervision

The development and testing was performed in close co-operation with the people working in the center as well as with the family of the composer.

The final results included the analysis documentation, logical models and design files. After the initial testing we made slight changes to the prototype and discussed the results with our good partner Opus, who was in charge of the development. At the end we also had a small meeting about the sliced html files and ran some final tests on the beta versions of the archive. The project was delivered at the end of 2012. 

Below you can find some screenshots of our prototypes and visual design.

Prototype of the recent changes pagePrototype of the composition page 

Prototype of the registering actPrototype of the search page

Visual design of the performers pageVisual design of the title screen

Visual design of the recordings pageVisual design of the pop-up search box

  • Our work:
    • Analysis
    • Prototyping
    • User testing
    • Visual design
    • Project supervision


  • Hours spent: 760
  • Client:ärdi-Keskus-logo.jpg