Detail analysis, prototyping and visual design for the Estonian Rescue Service`s resource system

The aim of the project was to create a system that shows how many and what kind of resources the Estonian Rescue Service has available and where they are located.

During the 5 month period we conducted user research, system and process analysis and prototyping. We tested the prototypes on future users and the final outcome also included visual design.

In the context of Estonian IT procurements, it was one of the biggest we had worked on at the time. It was challenging to create a new system that would let the employees of Estonian Rescue Service get an overhead view of the resources available. 

Previously they obtained this kind of data by phone and email, reason being the absence of a unified system. This kind of information is of high importance and the new intuitive system is now in use, giving a clear overview to all Rescue Service employees.

The resulting documentation included: work process analysis, lists of forms and documents that are filled in the system by users, conceptual and logical data models, diagrams of data object life cycles, descriptions of data exchange, user roles and rights, user stories, list of non-functional requirements and design.

 Visual designVisual design


  • Our work:
    • Detail and process analysis
    • Project management
    • Interviews
    • Prototypes
    • Visual design
    • Usability testing
  • Hours spent: 1532
  • Client: