Information architecture, prototyping and usability testing for the Estonian Government’s new website

Estonian Government’s and State Chancellery’s website is a place where everyone can find the latest information about the government and its projects. We helped to make sure the site is people friendly and accessible to everyone.

The project was completed in cooperation with our good partners Velvet DP (graphic design) and Opus (development).
We started the project by defining the overall concept of the new website and figuring out what kind of information a person most likely will want to find from there. We defined the users, their characteristics and moved on by defining the WCAG2.0 requirements for the visual design.
This step was especially important, because we wanted visual design to act as a compliment for the overall usability and not work against it. Later on we completed the analysis on the old website and excluded elements and sections that were proven to be unnecessary.
Throughout the project we created multiple storyboards and navigation schemes, designed various prototypes and tested the final prototype on 15 people, who fit the required criteria of an average user. The final prototype was then modified and evaluated.
Throughout the process we aided our design partner Velvet DP in creating a visual design that is also highly usable and easy to understand.
  • Our work:
    • Requirements analysis
    • Information architecture
    • Accessibility evaluation
    • Usability testing
    • Prototyping
    • Storyboarding
  • Hours spent: 304
  • Client: