Prototyping and information architecture for the new website

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, so its homepage is where people come to find information about the services offered. In cooperation with the research company Faktum-Ariko we evaluated the current website, created a new information architecture and conducted usability testing on the prototype.

At first we acted as a consultant for the research company. We guided them through the testing process and took over the project in the prototyping phase.

The project started out with the analysis of the current website, which lead to a whole the new information architecture and navigation scheme. Several prototypes were created and each of them were tested in order to find the best possible version.

After the final evaluation, we ended up with 2 different types of navigation models – horizontal and vertical – which both worked great and suited different needs. These were later handed over to the client for development.

As of today, the client has not yet begun work on the new website and the old version is still live.

  • Our work:
    • Consulting
    • Information architecture
    • Prototyping
    • Usability testing


  • Hours spent: 109
  • Client: