Prototyping and usability testing for Cherry Media is a local daily deals provider that has had major success in the Baltic region and is now the largest e-commerce operation in the area with a 2012 turnover of 27.5 MEUR. One day they contacted us and said they wanted some changes to their website. 

This case was intriguing because Cherry had already proven to be a highly successful company with a huge monthly sales volume. But things were looking a little stale and so they decided to take a bold step and change their business plan a little – by also including different travel and holiday offers.

The old website had a few daily offers in focus while all the others were pushed aside and not given any spotlight. At the end a total of 26 different prototypes were created and one of them got our final seal of approval. After a lot of experimenting, we were left with 3 strong prototypes and decided to test them out on real users, but not in a traditional lab. Instead, we tested them at a local bar in Tallinn Old Town.

We gathered data from several volunteers in the bar and used it to decide which of the 3 prototypes worked best. The final prototype was later perfected and handed over for development. Additional A/B testing was also conducted.

At the end of this project a total of 26 different prototypes were created and one of them got our final seal of approval. The results were excellent! When the new site went live, it had a staggering effect on the number of sales. Overall, their sales went up by 21%!

A comment from Cherry Media`s Marketing Manager, Martin Kõiva:
„Cherry`s website was originally supposed to fit only one or two daily offers, but over time the number of unique articles grew 10-15 times larger and only a few of them were in the spotlight. To fix this, we contacted Trinidad Consulting and now our small investment has payed off numerous times and the results came fast!“

PS: you read more about this case study in the 11/2012 issue of Arvutimaailm (in Estonian)