User research, information architecture and usability testing for the new website

Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia, with a long history as the nation`s hub for higher education. The city is also the centre of Southern Estonia and as an international university city, its website needs to offer clear information for a wide variety of visitors with different backgrounds. 

As usual, we started the project with analysis and user research. We built multiple prototypes and conducted several usability tests in order to make sure that the new site meets different needs; from the elderly to foreign university students. 

During the project we:

  • Asked selected residents to fill out questioneers and received over 200 forms
  • Interviewed multiple city officials and citizens
  • Performed card sorting with 15 volunteers
  • Tested the results on 200 volunteers
  • Used the gathered data to create a new information architecture
  • Created a solid navigation model and presented it to the client

Overall, nearly 700 people participated in creating the new information architecture and it is important to note that the new website is under construction and not yet live.

  • Our work:
    • User research
    • Card sorting
    • Interviews
    • Information architecture
    • Usability testing
  • Hours spent: 375