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AppDynamics is a tool for real-time monitoring of business apps

With critical business applications it is crucial that you find potential errors before they even occur. Every time your app goes down you risk losing customers and miss out on potential purchases. And yes, mobile is also supported.

With AppDynamics you can analyze, optimize and predict the bottlenecks in your systems and complicated applications.

Before Application Performance Management tools it was hard to find the reasons behind the errors. This meant manually digging through log files, trying to find the culprit.  Needless to say, it could took hours to find the line of code that was causing the errors.

AppDynamics is the leading APM solution according to Gartner

Research company Gartner recently did a new Magic Quadrant study where they compared various APM tools currently available on the market. You can get the study from AppDynamics’ site.

AppDynamics was found to be one of the best APM tools currently available. It can run both in the cloud and as a local installation. This is also what sets it apart from the main competitor New Relic. If you have a large company with delicate IT-systems then AppDynamics is the solution for you. 

AppDynamics main view

AppDynamics main view

The charm of AppDynamics lies in its ability to find various performance issues and solve standard situations before problems turn critical. This means you won’t have to put out fires anymore and can focus on predicting them.

AppDynamics illustration

Monitor the health of your business applications

AppDynamics highlights the problematic line of code

This means no more digging through log files. Your administrator can easily find the problematic line of code and fix it, quick and simple. Solving these issues is crucial. Keep in mind that every time your app goes down you will lose potential purchases and/or risk upsetting your users.

AppDynamics illustration

Identify problems quickly

AppDynamics shows you just how much downtime affects your revenue

It is not just a monitoring tool. AppDynamics is capable of analyzing the impact a (web) application has on your business. This allows you see in real-time just how much revenue you are losing due to downtime. We will gladly help you set up the system so that will get the most accurate data.

Get a detailed report

Get a detailed report

AppDynamics supports all major development languages & platforms

Here you will find .NET, Node.js, PHP & C++ support. AppDynamics is also suitable for monitoring mobile apps, databases, as well as infrastructure and cloud technologies. It is available both as a service (SaaS) and as a local installation.

Our customers

Here you will find a selection of your customers who are already using AppDynamics. Our clients include mostly large corporations, public sector institutions and development companies. Most of our customers are from Estonia.

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