Business process mapping and analysis

The main question in modern businesses is how to maximize the return from IT investments. We can help you lower the risks and stress that comes along with making changes to large information systems.

Process mapping is a handy tool to help organizations find those often critical bottlenecks and increase returns on investment.

What is business process mapping (BPM)

Each process consists of certain activities. Be it answering the phone or entering data to your sales program. You will likely find that some activities are executed in a sequence while others can be worked on at the same time.

Business process mapping and analysis - Andrus and Ander looking at the whiteboard

Some depend on the results that others produce and you have to make decisions about which activity should be executed next.

BPM is a procedure, where the steps of a process are clarified and documented in both written form and in flow charts. Our analysts observe how you are using your current systems and break the process down into logical steps.

They will also recommend actions that need to be taken in order to improve system productivity.

The end result

The resulting documentation is readable to everyone and is written in casual language with minimal technical jargon. It serves as a bridge, understandable to both the managers and the developers.The standards we use for writing documentations are business process model & notation (BPMN) and unified modeling language (UML).

We also gather additional data about risks and useful metrics. The purpose is to identify and remove the bottlenecks that are not allowing your system to maximize its full potential.