Visual design

Visuals are what make your product appealing to the eyes of the customer. When you are using systems that have both good looks and easy navigation, you will end up with great overall user experience that makes visitors want to return to the site more often.

Designing with the user in mind does not exclude good looks

User interface designers are graphic designers who focus more on organizational aspects and the way in which they communicate behavior. Besides graphical design skills, they also have knowledge about the principles of interaction and human psychology.

visual design - Interaction designers Halina and Toomas are behind a computer and talking about a project they are both working on

Visual interface designers are concerned with finding the representation best suited to communicating the behavior of the software they are designing.

Visual design focuses on how to match the visual structure of the interface with the logical structure of both the user’s and the program’s behavior.

In our opinion good user interfaces should:

  • Avoid noise and clutter
  • Use contrast, similarity and layering to distinguish and organize elements
  • Provide visual structure and flow
  • Use cohesive, consistent and contextually appropriate imagery
  • Integrate both style and function

If you have questions about doing visual design the right way then give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to help you out!