Defining users and their requirements

We bet you expected to find a short introduction here, but in order to understand the impotance of user research, we decided to write a short usage scenario instead. Illustrating the need for defining users and who they are. 

A story about a woodsman and a tablet computer

In our short tale you are the main character who has just bought a brand new tablet computer. You are imagining quiet times with your new toy, sitting by the fire while having a nice glass of aged brandy – you know, the finer things in life.

So you exit the shopping centre, enter the car, drive 200km in terrible weather conditions and arrive at your summerhouse, surrounded by a thick and rich forest that oozes with relaxation.

The fire you made is starting to crackle in the background and you can smell the sweet aroma in the air. And so you pour yourself a drink and sit down with your new toy, being eager to push those buttons for the first time.

This is the first quiet moment to catch up on what’s been going on in the world. So you open the browser on your brand new tablet and enter the address of your favorite website. You are happy thinking you have everything a person could ask for – a nice fire, a tasty beverage, a new tablet.

You wait patiently for the page to load and it seems like it’s taking forever. You are getting upset and take a peek at the bottom of the screen, only to find out that you have no internet connection in the area! Talk about mood kills!

Consumer behavior is predictable and can be designed

Behavior patterns above are what we look for when identifying your potential
customers. We want your product to become a part of their lives and everyday use while eliminating all potential threats that can kill the experience.

We are certain you don’t want your customers have the same rage moment that you had in our short story of user experience horrors.

If you are coming out with a new product then you need to find out how it solves your customer’s problems and who the customers actually are. 

Our work goes beyond market research where you are left with dry statistics and ventures into the realm of behavioural psychology.

We study how people behave around and with your product, how they use it, when they use it and what kind of emotions the customers experience when using the product.

User research can lead to surprising insights

We collect data on how your customers are using your product and record their emotional state during it. This data allows us to create personas like in the story above. Personas are fictional characters who have all the characteristics real people.

In the end you will get fully developed personas, scenarios and requirements that you can use in perfecting your product.