Exploring user and customer expectations

Our testing sessions have shown that breaking expectations makes people unhappy and can lead to clients walking away from an otherwise good purchase. Understanding what your customers expect will allow your team to build products that are both successful and useful.

This particular session includes a practical workshop to help team members understand the definition of a good user interface. We have designed this workshop for a wider audience, so it is valuable to everyone in the your team – programmers, designers, marketers etc.

Expectations have a huge impact on people

People expect the world to behave a certain way. This is based on past experiences and when a product suddenly changes, customers tend to react negatively. Most people just hate change for change’s sake, but love it when change leads to something dramatically better.

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    • Estimates:

      All training sessions are tailored to you and your team with options to choose from various different modules.

      Each module has its own curriculum and everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate of completion.

    • Rate by the hour:
      The price for each training module is 750 EUR + VAT with 15% off when taking 5 sessions at once. The price applies to max 5 participants.
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