Functional requirements audit

Why the audit is important

Errors in defining requirements will often lead to extra work and expenses. It could even lead to scrapping an already developed system.The purpose of the functional requirements audit is to evaluate the system’s internal control design and effectiveness.

functional requirements audit  - two men, one drawing a scheme on the board

 What are functional requirements

They are a set of requirements that define what a system is supposed to do. Non-functional requirements define how a system is supposed to be. Skipping the audit will lead to not knowing potential problems.

We seek answers to questions such as

  • What kind of data does the system require
  • Which operations are performed
  • What are the workflows performed by the system
  • What are the standards for system reports
  • Who can enter data into the system
  • Does the system meet suitable criteria

End result

The resulting audit documentation is written for a mixed audience with minimal technical jargon. Everyone can understand it and no specific technical knowledge is required.