Measuring user experience and usability ROI

The importance of measuring user experience 

Good design cuts seconds from a process that you might do over and over again. If you work with unintuitive products then the time spent on a process, trying to find the right menu or searching for a document, can be converted to thousands of dollars.

Companies who focus on good user experience often have:

  • Better success rates
  • Easy to use products, even if they are complex by nature
  • Better employee productivity and satisfaction rates
  • Smaller support and training costs
  • Smaller development costs
  • More product sales and revenue
  • More traffic and customers

If you own an online store and customers are taking four times longer than usual to complete a task then you are four times more likely to lose the transaction. In contrast, sites like Amazon have almost perfected their website, making the online store highly usable and engaging.

measuring usability and usability roi - a man and a woman around a whiteboard

 TOP 12 metrics in usability include:

  • Conversion / Acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Maintenance
  • Traffic and viral referrals
  • Employee productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Engagement
  • Customer / User satisfaction
  • Brand loyalty
  • Product / Service adoption
  • Awareness
  • Ethics and team morale
Of course, not all of them are used at the same time. You need to pay attention to the type of business you run and assemble the best metrics for your particular needs.

Let us help you figure out the best user experience metrics for you!

In usability there are many different kinds of metrics available, which means that choosing the right ones is not always easy. If you find that you need help then contact us and we will gladly help you choose the right metrics for your needs.

    • Estimates:
      Usually it takes at least a day and 1-2 hours per a particular metric
    • Rate by the hour:
      50 EUR + VAT