Recognizing bad usability – patterns, testing and evaluation

During our training sessions we will explain you the different types of usability and false simplicity in detail. You will see what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid making them in the future. You will also learn about the different testing and evaluation methods we described in the earlier segments.

Bad usability is not allowing you to fully maximize your potential

Sometimes, what appears on the surface to be simple and usable is not for the customers who in fact using it. When customers visit your web page and stump on something simple, it makes them feel dumb. If the product is really that simple, anybody should be able to figure it out — and yet, sometimes, you just can`t.

There is a also a problem with false simplicity. In this case the interface does not become “broken” and unusable; you will probably not end up with an avalanche of customer complaints and phone calls. Instead, false simplicity often leads to extra work and friction for the users. The more frustrated people get, the more likely you are going to lose them as customers.


bad usability - two men, one pointing a finger to the computer screenOn the other hand, if it’s a product or a system that is used by your employees and it is suffering from bad usability, then chances are that your team members are getting upset and the support staff is getting bombarded with questions. Not to mention delays in the everyday workflow.

All your team members can learn the basics of usability quickly

Usability and UX methodologies do not take forever to master. Everyone can use the appropriate tools and start creating better products today. The key is using them correctly and understand which tools are the best for the problems at hand.

During our training sessions we will give you the necessary knowledge to conquer even the trickiest of questions. And if you are stumped or have an unusual problem then we are always just a phone call away.

So what are you waiting for?

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