Ideation and exploration

What is ideation

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.

The quality of the final solution depends on the ability to rapidly generate ideas and test them. The more ideas we can come up with, the more possibilities for new innovative solutions there are. Everyone has good ideas. The trick is finding those good ideas and turn them into great ones.

Currently there is an emerging trend of seeking new ideas from the general public, customers, social networks, and other large populations in addition to traditional methods. The problem is, we tend to get stuck when trying to communicate them to other people.

With our help you can transform your abstract ideas into presentable and valid thoughts. Through models we can separate the good ideas and put them through the maturing process – constantly testing and verifying them.

You might also have the opposite issue – a problem no one has solved

By using different types of models, we can find potential solutions, do additional research and validate your ideas. We will document those ideas and turn them into additional models, sketches and storyboards.


ideation - two girls sitting on a couch

With our help you can validate your ideas and make them presentable. If you are a startup company or in the process of developing a new product, contact us and let us work out the bugs and kinks before going in front of a large audiences.

Let`s talk about ideas 

As you probably have realized by now, brainstorming is just one method of generating new and interesting ideas. With our help you can make your ideas presentable to anyone and know your strengths and weaknesses before going on the stage.