Specifying detailed software requirements

A detailed requirements document accomplishes three goals:

  • Lowers risks and potential cost
  • Provides feedback to everyone involved
  • Decomposes the problem down into smaller parts

It brings together work done in the previous segments and adds the detailed system specifications. It is written mostly for software developers and uses appropriate terminology. The resulting documentation provides the backbone for your new system.

What is the detailed software requirements document

It is a technical document (up to 100 pages long) that holds information that is required by the developers in order to build a final product. It is important to make note that the documentation does not include any programming instructions because analysts are often not software developers themselves.

detailed software requirements - two men around the whiteboard

This specific documentation is a two-way insurance policy that assures the developers and business managers understand each other’s requirements at a given point in time. It functions as a blueprint for a successful software project.

It includes:

  • The vision of the project
  • Time frames and cost
  • Problems and risks
  • Business process analysis
  • Architecture overview
  • Detailed functional and non-functional specifications

The purpose is to ensure proper communication between people involved in the development of the project. The length of the documentation depends on the overall project complexity.