Usability testing and heuristic evaluations

The common symptoms of poor software products are low productivity, errors and frustrated users. Bad usability also keeps people from being productive. These kinds of problems can be avoided with usability testing (also called user testing) and expert evaluations.

We use several methods for finding out the usability issues

  • Usability evaluations – our experts test your product and follow a set of usability standards in order to make sure there aren’t any critical issues present. This method is often followed by hallway testing.

  • Hallway testing – we ask your customers to perform certain tasks under controlled conditions to determine how well the average person can use the product. It is a 1-3 week long process where we capture every test as an audio, video and screen cast.

  • Accessibility evaluations – there are a lot of people who have a disability of some sort. During the evaluation we will measure how well a person with disabilities can use the product or service.

usability tests - our interaction designer Halina is moderating a simple usability test with one subject

Usability testing with eye tracking hardware is also available

If you wish to improve the already actionable results you can get from regular usability testing methods then you can also use our eye tracking kit. Eye tracking allows you get information on how the test subject’s eyes move when surfing a website or using an information system. 

Eye tracking provides us with gaze points which we can use to more accurately analyze the usability of your system. You will get the best benefits when you combine regular usability testing with eye tracking. This is also why we sell this solution as a complete package as the two methods complement each other and eliminate their weaknesses. 

You will get a lot of valuable material in the end

The end result is a list of items that are causing usage slowdown or breaks. They are written down and highlighted in the final report, presentation and video overview. The results will also be explained at the final meeting where we will have a discussion on how you can improve your product.


    • Estimates:

      An average usability test has 5 subjects. The length of one test is usually 1 hour.

      After the test you will receive the video material and a clear overview of the details that need to be fixed.

    • Rate by the hour:

      With 5 test subjects the total price for a usability test (1h per subject) is 2400€ + VAT, w/ eye tracking 2500 + VAT. This includes 4h of consultations and analysis.

      Price is based on 50 EUR + VAT per one hour

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