User experience add-on – team benefits and management

In order to make everyone work towards better user experience, certain changes have to be made in the way your team thinks about development. We will help you make the transition from traditional development to one that also utilizes everything user experience can add to the project.

user experience - two men sitting on a couch and looking at a laptop screen

If you are not familiar with Agile methodologies, but would like to know more then give us a call and we’ll build a tailored course just for you. Our CEO is a certified Scrum Master and an expert in the field. He’ll be delighted to help you out.

User experience design is not complicated 

It is not something you need to train for a long period of time. You can learn the basics rather quickly. We will give you the necessary tools to implement user experience into your daily routine as a software developer and make sure everything runs smooth.

We will help you put your team together

We will also help you choose the right person for the job. With our experience, we can teach you how to manage a UX team and what is the right way for hiring user experience professionals and developers. We will help you make sure your whole team works in sync!

    • Estimates:

      All training sessions are tailored to you and your team with options to choose from various different modules.

      Each module has its own curriculum and everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate of completion.

    • Rate by the hour:
      The price for each training module is 750 EUR + VAT with 15% off when taking 5 sessions at once. The price applies to max 5 participants.